Client:Pipes in Bahrain
Date:December 30, 2013

Pipes in Bahrain


Al Arrayed established 1978 with firm commitment to provide high quality service in domestic inland Transportation service and logistics. Today we employ number of personals dedicated to helping our customers Transportation and Logistic needs. Since our humble beginnings, satisfying customer needs the driving force behind every act of Al Arrayed Logistics. Over the years we have built an extensive knowledge of the entire Transportation and Logistic service. Clients across the Kingdom Know us as a company with long Standing reputation for on time performance with reasonable cost.



As a growing Business in the field of Transportation of Pipes other than Container or any other cargo, needs a lot of Experience and back up to do the work safely. Marubani Itochu steel, from Japan approached us to do the Transportation of pipes in around 1500 containers and 800 quantities of 1000 mm with Direct delivery.



As our operators had enough Training from Electrosteel, one of the leading Pipe manufacturing companies from India and enough of Experience in the Field of Transportation and Stacking of Pipes, we were able to convince the representatives of Marubani Itochu Steel to get the Order for the same Project. We have demonstrated them with different methods of stacking the pipes inside the container and at the site.



We have completed the project within 12 months safely and perfectly. Today we are doing almost 80% of the Transportation of Pipes in Bahrain.