Date:February 16, 2014

BANZ Group B.S.C.(c)


The BANZ Group started operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain as a privately owned Shareholding Company. BANZ offers advanced temperature controlled storage facilities in the Middle East.

Banz, a multinational company, was executing a project in Bahrain. For this purpose, they have imported raw materials into the country.



BANZ needed to transport its shipment of raw materials from Khalifa port to Bahrain Ferro Alloys BSC (c) (BAFA) project site and also to export finished product from BAFA project site to Khalifa port.

The real challenge faced by them was unloading the raw materials and loading the export materials with minimal cost.

BANZ approached several logistics and heavy transport companies and decided to award this contract to Al Arrayed Logistics, considering its vast experience and knowledge in similar projects in transporting, loading and unloading materials.



Al Arrayed Logistics provided trailers, crane, ramp, forklift and labor to support the process of transporting the materials from Khalifa Port to the site for a distance of about 20 kilometer and loading and unloading materials weighing about 25 tons.



Al Arrayed Logistics provided a safe, efficient and timely solution in handling the loading the raw materials on the trailers, transporting the goods to the site and unloading the raw materials, and vice versa, meeting the requirements of BANZ.